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U aren�t accustomed to it. This usually goes away as the body adapts to the higher altitude or if you move to a lower altitude. Diagnosing sleep apnea many people live for years or decades with sleep apnea, unaware that they have it. Often a family member or sleeping partner brings it to their attention. To diagnose sleep apnea, a doctor will take a medical history and do a physical exam. He or she will check the mouth, nose and throat for extra or large tissues. The doctor may order several tests to be done while you sleep, including: measuring the oxygen in your blood (oximetry). This is done by putting a small sleeve over a finger while you sleep. A polysomnogram. It records brain eye and muscle activity as well as breathing and heart rates. It measures the amount of oxygen in your blood and how much air moves in and out of your lungs while you sleep. This painless test can be done in a sleep laboratory or center or at home using a home monitor. When the test is done at home, a technician comes to your house and helps you apply a monitor that you will wear overnight. The technician will return in the morning to get the monitor and send the results to your doctor. You may be referred to a specialist in lung problems (pulmonologist), the brain or nerves (neurologist), heart and blood pressure problems (cardiologist) or ear, nose and throat problems (otolaryngologists) for additional evaluation. Treating sleep apnea treatment for sleep apnea is designed to restore regular nighttime breathing, relieve loud snoring and address daytime sleepiness. Treatment also targets complications of sleep apnea such as high blood pressure and higher risks for heart attack and stroke. The interruption of normal sleep can lead to accidents at home, on the job or while driving. It can disturb healing and immune responses. In children, it can interfere with normal growth. viagra online cheap viagra generic viagra online pharmacy india buy generic viagra buy cheap viagra cheap generic viagra viagra for sale buy cheap viagra generic viagra online Treatment for sleep apnea varies depending on the cause of the problem, your medical history and how severe the condition is. Treatment generally falls into these categories: lifestyle changes devices to change the position of the jaw, tongue and soft tissues of the mouth and throat. Pressurized air machines surgery people with sleep apnea need to take special care when having surgery or undergoing dental procedures. Anesthesia and drugs used to relieve pain and depress consciousness stay in the body for hours or even days after surgery. Even these small amounts can make sleep apnea worse. Dental, mouth or throat surgery can cause swelling in the lining or the mouth and throat also making sleep apnea worse. Be sure your doctors, dentist and surgeons are aware that you have sleep apnea. You will ne. Fecha Creación: Tue Feb 22 11:55:50 2011